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underage incest

father's day- Jena and Karl - alexeg - Incest Fantasies
Carol watched as the train pulled out of the station; carrying her 18 year old nightmare off to visit her father for Father's day weekend. Carol had been divorced for 2 years and the first 18 months were exciting for her to be free of Karl, her husband for 17 years. But since Jena hit her 18th birthday Carol realized that she could use a man to beat the shit out of the monster they had conceived. Jena did what ever she wanted using the phrase "I am 18 you can't tell me what to do. " Carol could use the weekend alone and Jena's father could deal with her for at least 2 days. underage incest - 0 times, underage - 0 times, incest - 1 times

brother sex - andu__ - Incest Fantasies
this contains incest, gay and uro underage incest - 0 times, underage - 0 times, incest - 1 times

Room Service - phreneticice - Erotic Fantasies
Sometimes its just a matter of being in the right hotel suite at the right time. underage incest - 0 times, underage - 1 times, incest - 0 times

Gangbang: Train Full of Dicks - fire22 - Transexual/Shemale Fantasies
stared at my exposed tit, and felt a rush of nerves get me. As I contemplated making a run for the exit, the guys around me circled around what little space we had in the train. underage incest - 0 times, underage - 0 times, incest - 1 times

"Jason & Taylor 7 " - monwar - Sex at Work Fantasies
In the weeks that followed the ski trip, Jason and I began spending more time together. We'd see each other just about everyday, and if I didn't get a chance to see Jason in person, I'd talk to him for hours on the phone. underage incest - 0 times, underage - 1 times, incest - 0 times

FIRST TIME WITH MY DAD " - littleone - Funny Fantasies
Early the next morning I heard my dad get up and leave the house. I knew he was going running as he did almost every morning. I drifted back to sleep, and later heard the shower running, and then my dad return to the bedroom and finally walk downstairs. A short time later I got out of bed and went downstairs to get something to eat before going to school. I had hoped my dad had left for work... he hadn't. underage incest - 0 times, underage - 1 times, incest - 0 times

First Time Anal by the Pool - DonCorleone - Anal/Ass Fantasies
It was a hot day and as soon as I could finish work I headed home with the intention of having some cold drinks and lazing round the pool. I’m in my early 40s (OK, 44) and live alone with my 18 year old daughter, Suzie. My divorce was settled recently and I’ve got no plans other than seeing Suzie through university and living a comfortable uncomplicated life. underage incest - 0 times, underage - 1 times, incest - 0 times

Grandmother's Delight - skyblue112 - Taboo Fantasies
My name is Misty and this is the story about one of the most memorable summers in my life. underage incest - 0 times, underage - 0 times, incest - 1 times

My Aunt Cheats on Her Husband!!! - WriterX - Cheating Fantasies
I am your normal 17 year old. I have just finished high school and about to enroll in college this fall. Like every other 17 year old I like to play a lot of sport, hang around with friends and listen to music. Also like every other 17 year old guy, I am always horny. Let me tell you a bit more about myself. I am not very tall but a respectable 5’7 inches and weigh about a hundred and fifteen pounds. Not too much fat in my body. I rarely work out but I am still pretty fit. I get my fair share of dates but nothing really too serious. Most of my free time is spent downloading porn of the internet and then get myself off seeing the pictures and movies. Downloading porn has been a longstanding habit of mine and one could say that I am slightly addicted to it. However as it helps me jack off…so I am not complaining. Anyways on with the story…. underage incest - 0 times, underage - 0 times, incest - 1 times

Eatin Moms asshole - scallywagg5150 - Incest Fantasies
My mom is always in my fantasies since I was a little boy. it all started when my dad was klled in 1977, mom was in her late 30's, and I was in my early teens. i used to sneek down to watch mom shower, I hid naked and waited to see her, she stepped out naked and my dick was instantly hard, and i jacked off as she dried off.i watched and jerked for a few more years, then I moved away at 16 and always fantasized about Mom. Heres the good part!!!! I got back in touch with her after 15 years, she had me stay at her house when we reunited. To cut to chase, Mom was doing house work next day, she wore coolats and a halter, she was vaccuming in front of meand as she bent forward her shorts rode into her ass crack and I was face to face with her musky brown hole and to my surprise a clean shaven puffy pink pussy. She was still bent over when I got a boner harder than ever, I was drooling at the view I had, suddenly I grabbed Mom's hips and pulled her ass tight to my mouth, she shreaked and bucked but firmly pushed backward into my face, I plled off her shorts and tongue fucked Mom's asshole and sucked her pussy til Mom squirted my face.She tore off her top and all my clothes and we fucked, sucked, and shot our cum all over another, Mom started crying and admitted to the same feelings of Incest. Mom and I fucked for years, we had nasty sex every time we met. Mom wants to have her mother join us, so grandma and I can fuck someday, shes planning it out so Grandma can be caught naked and off guard. underage incest - 0 times, underage - 0 times, incest - 0 times

Ha! - Zrenjaninac - Incest Fantasies
So,no one have any incest fantasy? underage incest - 0 times, underage - 0 times, incest - 1 times
brother sex - Incest Fantasies - backroom
nice...keep writing! and nice combination too: gay+incest:) underage incest - 0 times, underage - 0 times, incest - 1 times

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