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Webmeets Diary Ch. 06 - starbelliedboy - Bisexual Fantasies
A hot, bisexual welcome to China. toilet - 1 times

Webmeets Diary Ch. 05 - starbelliedboy - Erotic Fantasies
I experience Russian hospitality. toilet - 3 times

Brightest Star of All - starbelliedboy - Romantic Fantasies
Best friends discover they mean more to each other. toilet - 1 times

father's day- Jena and Karl - alexeg - Incest Fantasies
Carol watched as the train pulled out of the station; carrying her 18 year old nightmare off to visit her father for Father's day weekend. Carol had been divorced for 2 years and the first 18 months were exciting for her to be free of Karl, her husband for 17 years. But since Jena hit her 18th birthday Carol realized that she could use a man to beat the shit out of the monster they had conceived. Jena did what ever she wanted using the phrase "I am 18 you can't tell me what to do. " Carol could use the weekend alone and Jena's father could deal with her for at least 2 days. toilet - 1 times

The Masturbater - williamby - Masturbation Fantasies
Mark had become an expert surreptitious masturbater, he could do it at the drop of a hat and not bat an eye when he blew a big load of cum in his shorts! It started when he was about eighteen years old when he found that if he went into the closet in his bedroom, he could watch his older sister by looking through a crack in a common air vent. toilet - 2 times

The Airport - thekenny - Sex in Public Fantasies
I'm so excited to be meeting you for the first time. As I park in the airport parking lot, I check to make sure everything's in order, coat's buttoned... I run inside the terminal and check which gate you're arriving at and proceed to it. Your plane's scheduled to arrive on time. toilet - 2 times

Lesbian First - jakeyusa - Lesbian Fantasies
I hung up the phone, totally numb. I had just called Jeff to tell him I couldn't come home this weekend because I had a big exam to study for, and we wound getting into an argument, which culminated with him breaking up with me on the phone. I started crying hysterically, and couldn't seem to catch my breath. I thought Jeff and I would be together forever, but he just told me not to bother coming home for him, because he didn't want to see me anymore. toilet - 1 times

"Jason & Taylor 7 " - monwar - Sex at Work Fantasies
In the weeks that followed the ski trip, Jason and I began spending more time together. We'd see each other just about everyday, and if I didn't get a chance to see Jason in person, I'd talk to him for hours on the phone. toilet - 1 times

Summer of Sex - garryJ - Incest Fantasies
It was the thirteenth day of summer in Springfield Valley, Florida. And with it came the usual; lazy days, long afternoon naps, pool parties, cookouts, and lots and lots of heat. But for Ally, the only thing she was looking forward to was summer vacation. No more homework, no more getting up every morning, and most of all, swimming. Ally was fourteen, with a fair complexion which was a bit tanned from her days out back by the pool or at the beach. Her hair light auburn, with dark blue eyes, and cute lips, which formed an even cuter smile. Alley was about 5' 3" with a sexy figure that caught most boy's eyes, and sometimes even a second glance from her teachers. Her breasts weren’t all that big, they were still developing but enough to show off. And with a cute butt to top it off, she was quite an attractive young girl. toilet - 1 times

Black Panties - tonyLA - Sex in Public Fantasies
One of the primary differences between men and women is that while you men all want to fuck us, we women all want to control your thoughts. You’re thinking "Fuck me, fuck me! " and we’re thinking "Lust after me, only me! " I don’t know how transparent either of us are about any of it. This story happened in The Company parking lot before work, very much as I have written it. Next time you look through one of us office girls, completely disregarding us, you might keep this in mind. toilet - 1 times

Me and Will [first story] - shenalove - First time Fantasies
This is a true story, which happened a few weeks ago. It's about us. This is our first story on here and comments would be appreciated. toilet - 1 times

Gerry & Me - 1bigcock - Gay Fantasies
I work in an office, mainly shuffling paper and answering telephones. Most of my work-colleagues are ignorant of the fact that I'm into cock, rather than pussy. It's not that I keep it secret, I just don't make a big deal of it. toilet - 2 times

"Frankie and the Doctor'' - carmena - Celebrity Fantasies
Caution/Welcome. Finding he could not put Aaron Carter's experience in the emergency room in Oklahoma City out of his mind after hearing about it at Aaron's fourteenth birthday party, Frankie Muniz decides to check things out personally, and put his troubled mind to rest once and for all. This is a gay fantasy and does not reflect nor imply the real sexuality of this hot young television and movie star. It is the sixteenth of stand alone stories in a series of Aaron Carter and Friends fanfic gay fantasies and chronologically follows the story "Aaron: Sweet Dream Street". The previous story featuring Frankie Muniz was the fourteenth in the series, "Frankie and Justin: Teen Lovers". If you do not like reading gay fantasies about teenage boys or celebrities, this is where you stop and hit the back or delete key. This story is posted at free gay adult story sites for the purpose of adult entertainment toilet - 1 times

Farm Hand Baby - WriterX - BDSM/Fetish Fantasies
I had had a rough childhood, I was overwight and had no friends and was always getting beatin up. Add that to the fact that i was a cronic bedwetter and I was bassicly one misserable child. Finnaly when i was fourteen my mom said it was time that something was done about me. She packed up my things and shipped me off to my aunts house to live with her for the summer. I liked the idea having nothing better to do... I didn't have any idea just what was going to heppen. I had to take a 14 hour bus ride to get to my Aunts farm in southern Alabama and My Aunt was waiting for me at the bus station. She helped me put my things in the back of her truck and drove through town. I figured we'd go straight to her farm, but instead we stopped at a small office near the outskirts of downtown. toilet - 2 times

There is no story that contains: toilet

There is no story that contains: toilet

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