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sister in law

Nancy - starbelliedboy - Incest Fantasies
What follows is a brief description of some of the sexual experiences of a young girl in 1840s America called Nancy. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 2 times, law - 0 times

Little Red-Cap - starbelliedboy - Erotic Fantasies
An erotic retelling of the traditional fairy-tale. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 1 times

Webmeets Diary Ch. 05 - starbelliedboy - Erotic Fantasies
I experience Russian hospitality. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 1 times

Webmeets Diary Ch. 04 - starbelliedboy - Transexual/Shemale Fantasies
Celebrating the end of university as a slutty schoolgirl. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 3 times, law - 0 times

Webmeets Diary Ch. 03 - starbelliedboy - Smut Diaries
I become Sarah to meet an older couple. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

Webmeets Diary Ch. 02 - starbelliedboy - Smut Diaries
I strike it lucky with an older guy. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

And His Sister Was Pretty Too - starbelliedboy - First time Fantasies
A friend's little sister proves impossible to resist. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

Discovering Each Other - starbelliedboy - Gay Fantasies
I invite a university friend home. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

The Cerberus Incident Part 1 - jallen944 - SF, Supernatural Fantasies
Josey Binkle gives Harmony a seriously good reaming. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 3 times

A Whisky & Lemonade - jallen944 - First time Fantasies
Ethan's hot older neighbor discovers he has a huge cock, and teaches him how to use it. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 2 times

Our Year With Rachel (Part I) - dave666 - Threesome/Group Fantasies
My wife and I discover our shared interest in our pretty female boarder. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 1 times

Mandy at the Movies - TomB - Sex in Public Fantasies
Young Buisness woman lives out a fantasy of having sex in a adult theater with complete strangers. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 1 times

My hot drama teacher - storywriter20 - Teacher Sex Fantasies
I've always had this thing about fucking my teachers. I always found myself attracted to them. Me being a girl I guess you could say that was kind of weird. I was 5'11, 180 pounds with full 47 D breast. My hair was brown with and my eyes light brown. I had soft carmel skin that felt like rose petals. I worked out everyday to reliave stress so my body was hard and toned. But my teachers never treated me as more then a student. And after a while it didn't really bother me. Until I met my summer drama teacher. The first I saw him I was mesmerized by him. He wasn't very tall, we were about the same height. And he wasn't the most handsome man in the world. But he had long silky white hair that touched his shoulders and beautiful ocean blue eyes. He was about my height but he had the presence that you would see with an actor on stage, which is what he used to be. But like my other teachers he only treated me as a student. I was disappointed, until one day he had to stay after to help with a concert we were having in school. Mind you I'm only 19 at the time and a virgin. He's in his late thirties. I wore this evening gown that we were forced to buy for that occasion. I walk into the school and there Tom was staring at me like I walked out of a Vogue magazine. He looked at me like I was the most sexiest girl in the world. I tried not to look him in the eye. But every where I went his eyes followed. That's how I know I trapped him. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 1 times

Wife's Sexy New Panties - sallydysf - Slut Wife Fantasies
Her Husband is into panties. He likes for her to show them off to others. So people like to see more than her panties. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

The Masturbater - williamby - Masturbation Fantasies
Mark had become an expert surreptitious masturbater, he could do it at the drop of a hat and not bat an eye when he blew a big load of cum in his shorts! It started when he was about eighteen years old when he found that if he went into the closet in his bedroom, he could watch his older sister by looking through a crack in a common air vent. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 2 times, law - 0 times

18 with a D-cup - manlydog - Threesome/Group Fantasies
Ever since Amber could remember her tits were always bigger than anyone else in her class, and even in 8th grade she was a solid C-cup, while now as a junior she filled her bras out to a very full 36D. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

The first Lady - longboy - Erotic Fantasies
"I'll kill that fucking bastard, " screamed Jennifer Boyle, the wife of the President of the United States, "every fucking time I go out of town on his fucking business I have to hear stories about his incessant fucking around!!! " This wasn't the first time that Jim Knox had heard this little tirade, and as the lead Secret Service body guard for the First Lady, he had seen and heard more than his fair share of intra family squabbling, but when ever she went off like this, it was better just to try and blend into the back ground and hope her tantrum would blow over quickly. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 1 times

Witness To Rape - phreneticice - Rape/Forced Sex Fantasies
Quite incredible how one's normal if not falsely comfortable life can be upended with absolutely no warning. How a close-knit family can suddenly find itself living through a nightmare of unparalleled horror and wretched experience, only to discover that their own concepts of decency and parental devotion were but false pillars of virtue. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 3 times, law - 0 times

She-Male Lisa - diego99 - BDSM/Fetish Fantasies
I had just turned 18 years old 2 days ago and starting summer vacation before going off to college. I have always stayed to myself and never had a girlfriend so yes I was still a virgin. It was Monday morning and I heard my mom leave for work so I got up and went to her bath room and ran a hot bath and got her razor ready my mom is a sexy lady for 36 years old she stands 5ft4in and a 36c -24-26 and about 130 lbs I myself stand a inch shorter than her and weigh 115lbs and have long brown hair too my ass which is ok with her since I play guitar so she thinks it's a rock thing. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

Bobby (2) - johnnybgood - Gay Fantasies
The next day was filled with activity. Planning a funeral is difficult under any circumstance, but planning one for a not well-liked murder victim is doubly difficult. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 3 times, law - 0 times

Camping - stefano2001 - Bisexual Fantasies
This is the story of one of my RV adventures. Mostly true with some imagination. I pulled into the RV Park in a small town in Colorado. The older gal probably 50 or so that registered me had a great smile and nice face and body. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 4 times, law - 0 times

Lucky bitch - lonelyjack - Other Fantasies
I just loved these warm summer nights, sitting out back looking up at the clear sky and all those stars. I tried to imagine I'm an astronaut traveling to all those far off planets, just what does lie out there, are there any other people like us humans or not. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

Sam's Story - falcon29 - Transexual/Shemale Fantasies
Hi. My name is Samantha but you can call me Sam. Everyone else does. I won't tell you my surname because, well, it's a rather an ugly name. I think of it as my most unglamorous aspect but then, modesty was never my strongest point. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

Santa, Jesus, Rachel & Me - vargas111 - SF, Supernatural Fantasies
The snow's coming down like in a Christmas card; like a white blessing from heaven, soft, still; falling on the crooked barber pole that marks the North Pole, on Santa's house and workshop and on the big sleigh waiting outside sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 2 times

The Power Tool - BELEGON - SF, Supernatural Fantasies
Luna sat at her workbench, fusion torch in one hand, welding solder in the other. A few more inches, and she'd finally be done. It would be complete. She thought back to the last time she'd been with a real man, so many months ago at the space station at Bernard's Star. That was, of course, before her ship had been attacked by the Kr'Santh, a race of brutal, ruthless warriors from beyond the distant Pleiades. Only her quick thinking had saved her from being vaporized. When she had shut off the auxiliary power, they had taken her ship for dead in space. They had left it, and her, to rot. However, Luna had a few more resources at hand than they could have known about. And now she was using those resources to alleviate the mind-crushing boredom that was flooding her both day and night. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 1 times

Gangbang: Train Full of Dicks - fire22 - Transexual/Shemale Fantasies
stared at my exposed tit, and felt a rush of nerves get me. As I contemplated making a run for the exit, the guys around me circled around what little space we had in the train. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 2 times, law - 0 times

Liza's Humiliation - shyones - BDSM/Fetish Fantasies
I awoke the next morning completely at peace. I was happy, genuinely happy as my thoughts returned to yesterday's events. I remembered Marc's strong arms enveloping me as he stood me before those two young boys, and how he urged them to undress me. My god, I was humiliated! I curled up in bed as I relived those feelings. I stretched and brought my fingers to my clit as I remembered what happened next, though. I pinched my button as I saw again the smiles on their faces dancing before me. God I loved those looks, the attention they gave me. "I love you, " Marc said to me as I sat naked at the dinner table with their eyes worshiping me. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 1 times

Lesbian First - jakeyusa - Lesbian Fantasies
I hung up the phone, totally numb. I had just called Jeff to tell him I couldn't come home this weekend because I had a big exam to study for, and we wound getting into an argument, which culminated with him breaking up with me on the phone. I started crying hysterically, and couldn't seem to catch my breath. I thought Jeff and I would be together forever, but he just told me not to bother coming home for him, because he didn't want to see me anymore. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 2 times, law - 0 times

"DRAGON SWEAT - FIRST SCROLL" - monwar - Fat women/men Fantasies
THIS STORY IS INTENDED FOR ADULT READING ONLY sister in law - 0 times, sister - 5 times, law - 2 times

"Jason & Taylor 7 " - monwar - Sex at Work Fantasies
In the weeks that followed the ski trip, Jason and I began spending more time together. We'd see each other just about everyday, and if I didn't get a chance to see Jason in person, I'd talk to him for hours on the phone. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 2 times

Move to the country - bestbb - First time Fantasies
I was angry that my family had moved to the country. Not only was it a small town but we lived about 10miles out side of town in a small farming community that had about 6 houses within a mile or so of each other. Now there were some nice things about the move. I like to fish and there was plenty, lakes and my favorite streams that you can wade n fish. The other cool thing, at the house there was a big room attached to the garage out back, they called it the bunk house. It only had a wood stove for heat but it was plenty. I got the bunk house and a small motor cycle to get around on. We painted the room and got some old furniture and it was my house, I could even lock the door. The other bad thing was there was no one my age any where close, just a kid, 8, his name was Mikey, he had a sister that was 14, so it was bad for him too. He wanted to be friends very badly, and I needed a friend. So we fished and swam and other boy crap. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

The Barn Dance - nickdick - Slut Wife Fantasies
A boy witnesses his sister being fucked by 3 men, 20 yrs later his wife acts out the scenario. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 3 times, law - 0 times

Project at her house - maddog33 - Cheating Fantasies
I was 14 and she was 15 and we were only friends but I have had this crush on her since I first met her. I didn’t know if she liked me too but it started to seem obvious. A dance at our school was coming up and I should have took the chance and asked her but it was too late and some other guy asked her. I was pretty upset and all I could think of to do was to tease her by saying “ooo, your going out with him so you must like him”. Of course she said no we were just going out as friends but soon that would all change. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

Tim & Tat 3 - caddycow - Ethnic Fantasies
Tim and Tat's story continues and goes to the next level, but a twist happens. part 4 on the way. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 1 times

Grandmother's Delight - skyblue112 - Taboo Fantasies
My name is Misty and this is the story about one of the most memorable summers in my life. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 3 times, law - 0 times

By Carmenita O - carmena - Sex in Public Fantasies
Rob took in a long breath and exhaled in a deep sigh. He was leaving his old neighborhood behind. From the back seat of the old '86 station wagon, he peered between the moving boxes and battered suitcases through the back window. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 6 times, law - 0 times

"Frankie and the Doctor'' - carmena - Celebrity Fantasies
Caution/Welcome. Finding he could not put Aaron Carter's experience in the emergency room in Oklahoma City out of his mind after hearing about it at Aaron's fourteenth birthday party, Frankie Muniz decides to check things out personally, and put his troubled mind to rest once and for all. This is a gay fantasy and does not reflect nor imply the real sexuality of this hot young television and movie star. It is the sixteenth of stand alone stories in a series of Aaron Carter and Friends fanfic gay fantasies and chronologically follows the story "Aaron: Sweet Dream Street". The previous story featuring Frankie Muniz was the fourteenth in the series, "Frankie and Justin: Teen Lovers". If you do not like reading gay fantasies about teenage boys or celebrities, this is where you stop and hit the back or delete key. This story is posted at free gay adult story sites for the purpose of adult entertainment sister in law - 0 times, sister - 2 times, law - 0 times

Come to Natalie!!: PP - carmena - Celebrity Fantasies
Standard Disclaimer: You must be 18 to read this story, be able to read erotica in your community, not be offended by the contents of it... blah blah, you know the rest. This story may be distributed freely, for commercial or non-commercial use, but PLEASE leave my email/name on it! That's all I ask! This work is complete fiction, all made up in my head. Yes I know the celebs don't act like this in real life, but this is a fantasy after all.: P: P: P: P sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 1 times

SEX WITH ROBERTA!: p - antum - Bisexual Fantasies
The night of the dance, a 15 year-old Sophomore named Sandy was quietly sitting across the room by herself, rather bored. She noticed Roberta come in earlier with Suzy and sit down nearby. She started to wonder if the rumors about her were true... some people said that Roberta was into girls sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 1 times

The best oral experience she has ever had. - WriterX - Oral Fantasies
The daughter of a family that has a gardener gets hot at the sight of him in shorts as he mows the lawns. Its not Lady Chatterley's gardener but he is almost as good. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 0 times, law - 4 times

Sister in law - bigdog7580 - Incest Fantasies
My sister in law tih her big tits and fine ass. I'm trying to find a way to plow her field. sister in law - 1 times, sister - 1 times, law - 1 times

sis - Bigred3704 - Incest Fantasies
id love to do my sister shes 22 now and im 16 but ive got two bros and another sis and i would never be able to bring my self to try and pull anything with her but shes realy hot sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times
i won't scream if u touch me.. - Teen/Teens Fantasies - carlos41
I like it. Cumming is so fun and sometimes a mood-surprise incident. I once fingered my sister into a climax on the school bus. She did her best to be quiet. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

My daughter... A tale of a true slut - Incest Fantasies - carlos41
I like it. I fucked my sister when i knew she was fucking the neighbor. We wrestled. She clamped her legs around me and felt my magnifient hardon.We dry humped, Kissed, and fucked. When she started to spass on my dick I came like a train. sister in law - 0 times, sister - 1 times, law - 0 times

Fantezii Party (10 Mai 2013)
Fa click aici pentru party: CASPA & MC KEN MAC


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