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baia mare

Ema - Partea I - mobiphun - Erotic Fantasies
Trecusera cateva saptamani de cand eram single. Heh, n-am mai fost single de la jumatatea liceului si ma simteam cam ruginit. Voiam doar sa ma distrez si sa alung o parte din ganduri. Intr-o seara de vineri am iesit intr-un club cu o parte din colegii de la facultate si cu alti amici... baia mare - 0 times, baia - 0 times, mare - 1 times

Walkin through a nightmare - Thugg40 - Rape/Forced Sex Fantasies
A college student on her way home... baia mare - 0 times, baia - 0 times, mare - 1 times

father's day- Jena and Karl - alexeg - Incest Fantasies
Carol watched as the train pulled out of the station; carrying her 18 year old nightmare off to visit her father for Father's day weekend. Carol had been divorced for 2 years and the first 18 months were exciting for her to be free of Karl, her husband for 17 years. But since Jena hit her 18th birthday Carol realized that she could use a man to beat the shit out of the monster they had conceived. Jena did what ever she wanted using the phrase "I am 18 you can't tell me what to do. " Carol could use the weekend alone and Jena's father could deal with her for at least 2 days. baia mare - 0 times, baia - 0 times, mare - 1 times

Distant Friendship - Kyra19 - Erotic Fantasies
Dedicated to my aussie... baia mare - 0 times, baia - 0 times, mare - 1 times

Witness To Rape - phreneticice - Rape/Forced Sex Fantasies
Quite incredible how one's normal if not falsely comfortable life can be upended with absolutely no warning. How a close-knit family can suddenly find itself living through a nightmare of unparalleled horror and wretched experience, only to discover that their own concepts of decency and parental devotion were but false pillars of virtue. baia mare - 0 times, baia - 0 times, mare - 1 times

Humiliated by My Lover - mforj - BDSM/Fetish Fantasies
The following is a true story told to me by my wife when we had fallen in love and were both comfortable enough with each other to discuss past lovers. They say most women will have gone out with one complete bastard and Ian was Jenny's. To be honest it shocked and upset me to hear what she had suffered. I have told the story from her point of and have only changed names and locations to preserve anonymity. baia mare - 0 times, baia - 0 times, mare - 1 times

Love Conquers All - neverdie - Romantic Fantasies
When Allen Louder woke up, he was sure it was going to be just another ordinary day. With the sun's warmth, and the sound of singing birds drifting in through the open window, he began undressing to take his morning shower so he could go to school. He was a good-looking young man. At 18 he stood an even 6 feet tall. He had blonde hair and light green eyes, and a wide smile for everyone he met. He was popular with the guys because of his friendly disposition, and was even more popular with girls because of his rugged good looks. It was his last year in high school and he always looked forward to each day there. He was a good athlete as well as a good student. To any outside observers, he appeared to be just a typical teenager. baia mare - 0 times, baia - 0 times, mare - 1 times

"DRAGON SWEAT - FIRST SCROLL" - monwar - Fat women/men Fantasies
THIS STORY IS INTENDED FOR ADULT READING ONLY baia mare - 0 times, baia - 0 times, mare - 1 times

Dear Diary, the Exerpts - matth25 - Smut Diaries
From a not too distant past. baia mare - 0 times, baia - 0 times, mare - 1 times

By Carmenita O - carmena - Sex in Public Fantasies
Rob took in a long breath and exhaled in a deep sigh. He was leaving his old neighborhood behind. From the back seat of the old '86 station wagon, he peered between the moving boxes and battered suitcases through the back window. baia mare - 0 times, baia - 0 times, mare - 2 times

There is no story that contains: baia-mare
i won't scream if u touch me.. - Teen/Teens Fantasies - PixieP
Mareea, It is always nice if anyone tries to write in a foreign language, and you have done it very well even though the text is short. I would like to know, if really somebody should do it, regardless of which, what your fantasy pleads for. Would this be the special thrill to you? Or have you had a special man in your mind? You may answer by PM if you like to. :-) baia mare - 0 times, baia - 0 times, mare - 0 times

Fantezii Party (10 Mai 2013)
Fa click aici pentru party: CASPA & MC KEN MAC


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