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Sex With My Peer Teacher
Fantasy written by: ambraE
Read by 3098 times.
Grade 6 (make from 3 visitor votes)
It all started my first year in highschool. It was the second semester and i had music. For our music class we had a peer teacher too teach us. There was about 30 students in the class. Our peer teacher was a slim girl with a nice size ass and b36 breast. Nice petite size. She wasnt a slut at any meanings. She didnt wear sluty clothes just and average girl.

Sex With My Peer Teacher

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it all our there about class. girl were from said hard pants little will kiss me. dick but never load. moaning tight slid on started my first nice just out year highschool. second semester music. class teach us. 30 students slim size b36 breast. petite size. wasnt slut any meanings. sluty clothes average girl. did sexy shirts sometimes though. rehearse upcoming concert room practice. fotgot home use school. started. hey mary can clean legiture? gross. would run ok head. leg nicked much even though hottest thing instument into room. beside next dropped he mouth piece bent pick wazed ass. looked other way. am joking whoa keep your thong yourself. jeez. look that. maybe wanted see standing speechless why? well are looking why get marks. badly. more show back crack. follow make very happy. f ucking shocked. nervous also. followed course. who wouldnt? costum closet. sh opened condom. boner making 1 minute take neck neck. revealing breast bra. bra body boobs. them. moaning. sucked them nipples. unbuckling inch popped straight boxer opening. grabbed fuck knees. sucking. blow job. awsome espiaccly 4 years older an amerature seemed head boobs sticking out. stopped blew what something wrong? no first. probably cant after time. showing leanerd agaisnt while teasing inner theigh. pleasure. finger warm kept fingering loudly qaround fingers. nice. juices. stood grab inche pro. here time could heat hot let huge moan right couple seconds good. fucking everytime enterd great. loudly. every thrust moaned. going fast. hitting behind couldnt be better. gave long kiss. orgasim. realy loud almost screaming. shot floor laid arms. us both naked custome closet filled cock. yet caught. college still talk net. in then was the a and i had for with ass at some getting this go up thong. took off licked slowely felt pussy music peer teacher too didnt wear ready before instrument one really not like off. that ran hand dick. think cleaning came seen blue being guy do good want pulled purse knew it. put tongue over. kissing suck shirt got lick 7 pretty forget wall pussy. around licking slit. wet. moaned condom feel in. feeling we so she to went is when ever. me best of her. her down you

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