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Rachel and her Church - thomasfkgd Grade 9 (made by 3 visitor votes
The next day about 2pm the phone rang and Rachel answered it. She was surprised to hear the voice of the younger priest, Eric. He sounded nervous but said he would like to come and see her that afternoon if she was alone and could spare some time. Intrigued, she agreed, and about an hour later the doorbell rang and he came in.

Caught - lonelyjack Grade 9 (made by 3 visitor votes
I got a call from a friend to watch his house for the weekend. He was going out of town and needed someone to feed his dog. He had a chocolate lab and I said sure I'd watch him. I went over on Thurs and got the key. His lab was friendly and he just needed to be let out and fed.

Grandpa Writes a Letter - Sexymama35 Grade 6 (made by 2 visitor votes
Dear Jules- I hope you are enjoying college life and are not missing home too much. We all miss you terribly and think of you all the time, me especially.

Grandmother's Delight - skyblue112 Grade 8 (made by 7 visitor votes
My name is Misty and this is the story about one of the most memorable summers in my life.

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