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Fantasy written by: WriterX
Read by 7786 times.
Grade 8 (make from 3 visitor votes)
Linc Walker parked his hog in front of the run the down mobile home, flipped away his half burned cigarette, and entered the cluttered kitchen-living room area of the twenty five year old trailer!!! "Anybody here, " he shouted into the silence, "hey, Linda, you home yet!?! " "Dumb cunt, " he muttered to himself while opening up the refrigerator to grab beer, "if she was ever on time it'd be a fucking miracle, " before taking a long drag from the long necked bottle!!! He was just about ready to plop down in front of the TV when he heard singing coming from the bathroom at the far end of the trailer!!! He made his way to the bathroom door, and after tapping lightly and getting no answer, he opened it up a crack an could hear the water from the shower beating down on the Formica side walls!!! Chuckling to himself, slipped inside, stripped off his clothing, and then without so much as a warning, jerked the shower curtain open only to find Linda's mother, Pearl, standing there with a stunned look on her face!!!


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gigoloromania: very good fantasy indeed dude u should write more
denis18love: It's a good fantasie, you have a 10 (ten)


bigdog7580 (9), gigoloromania (10), teajay (4).

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Your opinion


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linc he walker parked hog run mobile home, flipped away half burned cigarette, entered cluttered kitchen-living area twenty five year anybody shouted silence, hey, home yet!?! dumb muttered himself opening refrigerator grab beer, miracle, necked bottle!!! ready plop tv heard singing coming far end made way door, tapping lightly getting answer, opened crack hear water beating formica side walls!!! chuckling himself, inside, stripped clothing, warning, jerked curtain only find standing there face!!! nonchalantly please, another slug beer casually, so, mrs. k, going!?! stammered turning cover large vagina!?! eyeing hungrily, thinkin glad t!!! state, staring huge wavering n-now this!!! laughed evilly older obvious predicament, softly gets quite fox, baby!!! really approved walker, readily enamored insolent because nastiness, aura danger sexuality absolutely making flood desire!!! mind spinning control, set brew climbed offered resistance slid around cupped nibbling ear!!! hotter than whispered fingering rapidly expanding nipples, me, suckin honey!?! such arousal fucked monkey, picturing monster make weak, tweaked nipples harder, shudder swept body boyfriend sighed aged slut vacuumed meat, talented, cuz gotta gift!?! gift not, love man fast orgasm, felt stiffen touch, knew instinctively blow nut!!! furiously fisting shaft sucking smooth load throat door flew oh lincoln, i-i-i tried struggling feet, strong held firmly place other snaked caught flush cheek sit shut watch real sucker work, might learn somethin !!! slumped floor went orally servicing boyfriend, wiped trickle blood watched brought lincoln climax loudly sperm, hound, hound!!! eyes, kept bowed, demanded, month, whataya mean, nervously!?! give spat harshly, jeans panties pussy!!! i-i to, fairly wailed!!! reaching grabbing twisting roughly, low mean bitch, gonna say again, understand me!?! fear complete resignation painted across face, stood removing clothing!!! averted could, naked, evenly, baby fat has, cut jewelry!?! shameful turned bright red due embarrassment, feared, gasped saw shaky done silver there!?! wanna handle one, her!?! ahead, girl softly!!! there, has they call attached constant arousal, not needs any department, block, more ready, small soft yes, control myself anymore, work today store masturbate, laughing uncontrollably, few moments dry off, arm led bedroom upon say, have, bet s!?! shivered thought having reply, nape neck drove dripping slit!!! abhorred awful turn events, aroma freshly powering, abandoned pride devouring trembling lips!!! o-oh, hafta stop ohhh feels good, will shake got town proves night!!! erect top slit, though experience lapping, immediately gravitated nub flicked tiny mercilessly, poor quivering brutal crushing orgasm left shaking leaf bed!!! honey, hurt i!?! hurt, laughed, nuts, loved slut!?! partially regaining composure, relpied wonderful, fantastic!!! watching mother-daughter duo chagrin, flopped bed between two women, hop big bone ride!!! concerned look, searched some guidance, who hesitation nodded mom, ahead him!!! shiver ran carefully mounted massive invader, lowering herself fully impaled nine monster!!! god almighty rocked forth spike, unreal!!! ask likes riding baloney pony, evilly, rides earth, hung low, embarrassed barely y-yes, inside me!!! groan, h-how often it!?! lets quickly, cum first!!! cumming hard, fuck, cum!!! three recovered lighting lucky strike, ya what, been thinking, maybe idea moved plays together stays together!!! looked each other, pony least deal!?! cigarette deal!!! his at with in front room old trailer!!! cunt, ever d be before drag no an slipped off then without much open pearl, doing man, mortified woman breasts couldn erection, voice ordered, ll commented, where all, never vagina hands shit, good pussy state would sweet enough through thick deep mouth!!! oh, middle family remember, bringing hard head, once my going say!?! up, mouth, own ohhh, moaned filling is let show mama we last want hair voice, listen eyes finally first ring clit keeps always hottest isn right, baby!?! aroused myself!!! grabbed sucked ve were over tongue every softly, again casually whispered, inch huge, ride day, of to the down asked have for all okay, cunt and here, linda, time taking stunned took w-what young well, said m ain them see him her, full knees women ya, didn did take gasped, god, one ordered fuck back very head until began face replied honey it, into what you while just up if long from bathroom shower look help right or re had slowly this mouth go pecker fuckin you, don like me by pussy, replied, she was on pearl it a fucking so little about after could mother, how are knight get out tell know cock mother do can both when even baby, as linda i s her but now your t that daughter

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